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Germany Patch Germany Patch
Classic German flag as a patch. Size: 6 x 4 cm robust cotton body fabric embroidered with high quality embroidery thread from Germany with Velcro backside completely sewn, no glue! - more resistant against humidity and heat! neatly...
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Security Shooting Patch Security Shooting Patch
Welcome to the 21st century with the new patches for the Café Viereck shooting range! The annoying armband now belongs to the past. Fits to every Velcro area on your combat shirt, smock or other tops of your uniform. Of course, we don't...
From €8.00 *
Acrylkapsel für Coins Acrylkapsel für Coins
Auswahlmöglichkeit über dem Warenkorbfeld zwischen 4,5 cm und 5,0 cm Durchmesser.
From €1.50 *
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