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About us

Welcome to Café Viereck - Your new online store for high quality patches and merchandising items of all kinds Made in Germany - since 2016!

We are definitely not a conventional Patch-Shop! From a hobby alongside the service in the German Military became a great passion. You will find this passion in every stitch, in every seam, in every product - true to our motto: because you deserve the best patches and the best service!

The time in the German Military brought Café Viereck a high level of expertise for the needs of the public service. The German Federal Armed Forces, police and fire department have special quality requirements for their patches. Due to the use inside as well as outside, the individual patches have to be especially robust, UV-resistant, true to color and long-lasting. In addition, there is the demand for flame-retardant materials. We have made it our business to meet these demands and to provide public sector customers with quality at reasonable prices that is second to none.

We do not wear blinkers! Of course, our offer and first-class service is not limited to the German Armed Forces, police and fire department! We declare war on the "service desert Germany" and offer perfect quality Made in Germany for everyone. Whether for companies, clubs, airsoft, paintball, sports or motorcycle clubs - everyone is welcome at Café Viereck!

In addition to our Patch-Shop for service and leisure, we offer individual merchandising items of all kinds. Whether it's self-designed patches, keychains or stickers - there are no limits to your wishes! Even individual shopping cart chips are now on our agenda. No order is too heavy for us, no inquiry too crazy. We offer you a variety of individually designable products with your own designs. Café Viereck helps you realize your own designs and ideas. Even with the quantity of pieces we follow your personal requirements. Whether it's a one-off production or a large edition - we adapt to the size of your club, unit, band or company.

For us quality is the basic requirement for happy and loyal customers. That's why we pay attention to especially high-quality materials during production. We select the materials from well-known companies and process them with the greatest care in Germany. For us, made in Germany is not just an empty phrase, but a promise. They all say that? That may be, but at Café Viereck we go one step further and even give you a guarantee! Your satisfaction is our top priority. For us you are not just an invoice number, because only you make Café Viereck possible. As a thank you we offer you individual and competent advice, high quality products, short delivery times and reasonable prices around the clock. 

Café Viereck offers everything - except for coffee behind Swedish curtains!


Head of the department Café Viereck Berlin

Once upon a time there was a funny patch on the roof lining of an E46 and a funny insider about a Greek comrade with lactose intolerance. The patch on the headliner was nowhere to be found on the internet and no embroidery was interested in creating the patch about the insider. The idea of a new kind of patch store was born, which would satisfy every customer and their crazy request in every respect. Only one name was missing: Café Viereck, born in May 2016 in Munich, in the circle of very good comrades who initially thought the idea was just a joke.

Before I got the inspiration from God to offer you the best patches and the best service, I served in the German Military since July 2012. Café Viereck was initially created on the side, but since 01.01.2017 I have been devoting my full attention to your needs and requests. True to the motto "the Federation in your heart", I continue to serve in various posts as a reservist. Therefore, it is a matter of my heart to do something good for my comrades with Café Viereck and to support, for example, psychologically wounded soldiers with the help of special fundraising campaigns (Berry the Bundeswehr Bear).

In addition, I wanted to counteract the ever-decreasing range of merchandising items about the German Military and offer the soldiers again an assortment of ethical patches, TSK keychains and yellow ribbon car stickers.
With Café Viereck I want to help you express your solidarity and affiliation with the public service again.

There is not much else to say about myself: born in Berlin, a typical Berliner, techno fan, car enthusiast, highly sarcastic and always with a smile on my lips. I get support from my whole family - a small family business so to speak :)

In the beginning there was a small embroidery machine in the kitchen and I laboriously cut the Velcro tape by hand together with my girlfriend. Now I supply units, dealers and private customers all over Germany and even internationally. If you do not believe in yourself, nobody else can believe in you. 

Your Catherina from Café Viereck :)